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More InterACT Previews

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and Voiceover Artiste, Ian Turvill.)

I've just posted another two interviews of speakers at the forthcoming InterACT Lisbon to our associated podcast site.  To get a sense of what's going to be happening at the event, and to learn about overall trends in the realm of Enterprise Decision Management, you should give these a quick listen.

The first interview is with Rachel Bell, of Fair Isaac's Analytic Science group.  Rachel will be presenting on the topic: "Building a Global Credit Risk Standard."  In this podcast, she introduces her session, which will look at the challenges that lenders have as they strive for a consistent way of measuring credit risk across multiple geographic markets.

At first sight, this topic may be less appealing to the readers of this blog who don't work in credit.  However, I think it is interesting simply from the point-of-view that Fair Isaac has been able to overcome the many challenges of using credit bureau data in different countries to create a consistent measurement of credit risk.  Anyone involved in applying predictive analytics in very different environments can learn from the approaches that Fair Isaac's analytics team applied in this instance.

The second interview is Dr. Robert Hecht-Nielsen, one of the grand statesmen of artificial intelligence.  Those readers of this blog who are particularly well versed in Enterprise Decision Management will know that Fair Isaac acquired HNC in 2002, and that HNC stood for: "Hecht-Nielsen Neurocomputing Corp."!

During the discussion, Dr. Hecht-Nielsen introduces his presentation at InterACT, which will survey recent accomplishments of his team’s "Chancellor Project" in areas such as conversational response generation and ultra-high-accuracy colloquial speech understanding. Dr. Hecht-Nielsen will also describe his team’s advancements in user-guided automated business document creation.

As in past InterACT presentations, this talk will give you a fascinating look at how the underlying technology works, and the far-reaching implications for business and society.  Dr. H-N is always a crowd pleaser!

To sign up to attend InterACT, please click here, and remember that James offered a special discount to blog readers late in 2006.

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Or download the files here:

Building a Global Credit Risk Standard (6:05min, 4.3MB, mp3)
Machine Intelligence Zooms Forward! (11:25 min, 8.0MB, mp3)

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