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Mr. Scrooge Would Approve

(Posted by Guest Blogger and Eco-Warrior, Ian Turvill.)


A Letter at Holiday Time

Don't you think we should tell our readers about the new Fair Isaac e-Card?

Ordinarily, I would think this counts as "shameless commerce", but in this instance, it may not, because:

  • First, we're expressing a message of good cheer using a decision tree.  What other company, and what other blog, could say that?
  • Second, we're showing that companies can save resources and avoid unnecessary energy consumption by interacting with their customers on an automated basis

I've blogged about the environmental impact of sending e-cards, rather than paper cards, elsewhere.  For those of our readers who want to see our e-card in action, let's have them click here.

With best wishes for the season, Ian.

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