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New Blog features

As the week comes to an end a few new features for you to enjoy:

  • The EDM Library, and all my book reviews, now has its own page so it no longer loads every time you load a page
  • There is a new comment feed for those who wish to "listen" to the comments others post on the blog
  • The right hand column has two new lists at the bottom - one for the comments I post elsewhere in the bloosphere (thanks to cocomment) so you can see what I am reading and what provokes me to respond and another for the list of sites that link to the blog (thanks to wholinked)
  • All the monthly archives and category pages now display the title and an excerpt only to make it easier to scan the list of posts. Click on any one and you can see the whole post.
  • Meanwhile Typepad added a feature that links each post's title to the full post page.

Let me know if you like/hate these features and thanks to Cath for helping me get them working.

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