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New Defense Fights Bank Robbery

BankInfoSecurity has published an article and podcast that feature FBI Special Agent Erik Vasys discussing work with FICO on Bandit Shield, their new anti-bank robbery initiative.  Here's an excerpt from the article:

Bank robberies are old-world crimes, but they are still devastating to institutions and their communities. How is the FBI now working with banks to change how they respond to these violent crimes?

Relative to white-collar financial crimes, such as ACH fraud, financial losses linked to physical branch robberies remain low... But the long-term psychological impact on branch staff and citizens is financially immeasurable, says Special Agent Erik Vasys. "It definitely affects the community," says Vasys, who works for the San Antonio Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "The basics of bank robberies have not changed; but what we want to do is try to make it easier for banks to fight back, by training the branch personnel and enhancing security best practices."

Check out the BankInfoSecurity podcast and article "New Defense Fights Bank Robbery." And read the post by FICO blogger John Buzzard on how FICO is teaming with the FBI on Bandit Shield.

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