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The New Face of Uncertainty

-- Posted by Carole-Ann

I have been quite busy in the past few weeks briefing industry analysts on the discipline of Decision Modeling and Optimization.  We learn decision modeling at school of course but it seems quite under-exploited in the enterprise.

Industries such as Financial Services are gurus in the domain.  They model and test and tweak and improve their models before making decisions.  Technology has evolved to serve the needs of Risk personnel or Portfolio managers.

It is quite amazing when you think of it, how little other industries take advantage of those proven techniques and supporting technologies.

My discussion with Jim Sinur at Gartner was incredibly insightful.  With the major effort Gartner put into developing and publicizing the Pattern-based Strategies research, they are ahead of the curve.  The have thought it through and can better articulate it than most.  I recommend Jim's recent post on BPM and Business Rules: It’s not Just About Agility.  He is definitely spot on.  I also added some color on my own personal blog Lessons learned in 2009 – Dealing with uncertainty.

You can also listen to the recording of the webinar I presented in December.  It is short, sweet but informative.  I hope you will appreciate it.  I am as always very eager to hear your feedback.

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