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A New Imperative for a New Crisis: Digital Customer Development

The COVID-19 pandemic (and the resulting economic disruption) has fundamentally changed the way that organizations establish, build and retain relationships with their customers. Digital is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It is essential - for everything from account opening to communicating vital updates to customers facing urgent financial problems. Equally essential is a flexible, analytic-powered decisioning infrastructure to drive those digital interactions.

Organizations with these capabilities in place are well-positioned to weather the current crisis and significantly strengthen customer trust. Those without will fall behind. 

To help your organization in establishing a resilient, digital customer development infrastructure, FICO is launching a month-long virtual event titled “Building Resiliency: Adapting to the Challenges of Today”. With a series of webinars held across the globe, FICO subject matter experts will share learnings, best practices and strategies on topics that fall within six tracks: Adaptability, Digital Customer Engagement, Risk Management, Operational Efficiency, Building Trust and Protecting Customers.  

Below are a few of the sessions, across these tracks, focused on the critical digital customer development challenges facing organizations right now.


 Registration is complementary and open now. We hope to see you there!

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