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New technology but so what?

I saw this article today - Pay by Voice over on the MIT review and it made me think about many new technologies I hear of. Voice recognition, RFID, biometric identification, gesture operating systems, integrated GPS or whatever are all fascinating. But if you think that layering them on top of your (basically) dumb information systems is going to be effective, think again. If you systems cannot act, cannot decide, but must wait for people to do so then much of the potential value of this technology will be wasted. What good does it do for your kiosk or phone system to recognize someone if they cannot ask the system to act on their behalf? What good does it do you to know that a delivery is late, thanks to its RFID/GPS information, if your only option is to tell someone rather than to have your system act for you? While it may be interesting to know a particular customer is outside a particular store (thanks to the GPS in their cell phone) but the offer must still be compelling if it is going to get them to come in. our systems need to be smarter so that they can take real advantage of these technologies. You need to find the decisions in those systems, automate and improve them. You need to apply enterprise decision management, EDM, before you apply some of this technology.

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