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A new way to visualize rules

I am very happy to announce that we launched FICOTM Blaze Advisor® 7.0 for Java today at FICO World, our annual conference, which is taking place in New York City this week. This new release brings the full functionality of Blaze Advisor business rules management to the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) and introduces Decision Graph as an exciting new decision metaphor.

Decision Graph is a brand new way to visualize and interact with rules that makes even the most complex rulesets easier to manage and explain. This capability is the result of several years of intense effort by our research team. Patented algorithms use advanced graph theory to automatically simplify and refactor decision trees so they are easy to navigate and understand. We first introduced Decision Graph as an add-on option for our FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager application, and it is especially valuable to businesses that need to be able to explain their decision logic to senior management and to external parties, such as regulators.

Our previews of Blaze Advisor 7.0 with industry analysts and clients have been very well received and there is growing buzz and excitement around this new functionality. For more information on Blaze Advisor 7.0, I encourage you to read What’s new in Blaze Advisor 7.0, and Blaze Advisor 6.5 to 7.0 feature enhancements, which are available on

–Don Griest

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