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Nice article on Business Event Monitoring

The February issue of DM Review was full of good articles. First up, Solve Real-Life Business Problems with Business Event Monitoring by Sam Barclay. Sam's article did a nice job of bringing together both BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) and CEP (Complex Event Processing) and of articulating a value proposition for them. One quote in particular caught my eye:

"The real recipe for ... success is not to send every single activity to everyone"

I completely agree. Of course I would go further. I would ask if anyone needs to be sent the activity or can decisions be made without a person? Can I replace "peopleware" (who have to be awake, employed, logged in etc) with a system smart enough to make good decisions on its own? At least, can I do that most of the time?

I posted before about BI 2.0 and about how Enterprise Decision Management and the automation of decisions enhances BAM. I also answered some questions on Complex Event Processing from a reader that you might find useful.

The bottom line is that while business rules, and other EDM technologies like predictive analytics and optimization, can be usefully deployed in event monitoring they can also, and more effectively, be used to automate the decisions for which the event processing identifies a need.

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