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Optimization & Brotherly Love: 3 Reasons to Visit INFORMS 2015

The INFORMS Annual Meeting brings a very broad operations research scope to help empower organizations across multiple industries strike the right balance between risk, profit and customer-centric decisions.

However, many businesses are mired in how to drive customer engagement as data proliferates, business problems are getting harder to solve, and the time window to engage customers keeps shrinking. Clearly, finding (or keeping) a competitive edge is a challenge for even the most analytically savvy organizations.

So it’s not completely ironic that this year’s INFORMS is held in Philadelphia – “The City of Brotherly Love” on November 1-4. Happy customers keep coming back for more. And FICO experts will be on hand to demonstrate how optimization consistently delights customers – all the while boosting returns, reducing churn and losses, and driving compliance.

Here are three reasons to “feel the love” about INFORMS:

  1. We’re conducting a hands-on technology workshop featuring the latest enhancements to our flagship FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite solution.
  2. FICO SMEs will lead six featured sessions on a variety of topics that will appeal to businesses across multiple industries, such as turnkey optimization in the cloud, the state of optimization in advanced process control, and new modeling features for distributed and cloud computing.
  3. In addition to the valuable information to be learned, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to connect with our experts for one-on-one discussions.
If you’re at INFORMS, please visit us in Booth #55-56 for a chance to win a trip for two on Southwest Airlines ($500 value!).

If you want to learn more about FICO-led sessions, visit the FICO Analytic Cloud Community Page. For more information on the conference itself, check out the INFORMS Conference Website.

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