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Partnering with the FBI to fight fraud

Exciting news on the fraud front—we’ve just joined forces with the FBI on new anti-crime efforts. FICO’s online fraud forum will soon host an FBI discussion area on subjects like current bank robbery investigations and electronic financial crimes. These discussions tie into the FBI's Bandit Shield program, which brings together local, state and federal law enforcement to better communicate and coordinate on tactics that reduce bank robberies and catch criminals.

The partnership is a natural fit, bringing together two communities dedicated to stopping crime by sharing information on best practices and emerging schemes. Bandit Shield was launched in Texas in January, and based on its success so far, the FBI plans to expand it across the US in the coming months. As the program grows, the FBI will be able to tap into Fraud Alert Network's active 7,000+ member online community of fraud professionals from financial institutions and law enforcement.

By uniting Bandit Shield with the Fraud Alert Network, we increase our collective ability to deal with new crimes quickly and share learnings to proactively build up defenses. The added information from Bandit Shield will also deepen FICO's own fraud knowledge, and help us ensure that our fraud detection and prevention solutions work even better to stop criminals and protect consumers.

If you work at a financial institution, I invite you to join our fraud discussions at Or attend my monthly web series "Combating fraud through peer communication," where you can hear first-hand from professionals in financial crime prevention.

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