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Preventing Data Breaches is a Recipe in Practicality

FICO has just published a new Insights white paper entitled “Best Practices for Preventing Data Breaches”.  Our message is really quite simple:  Take preemptive measures today to better insulate your organization from threats that loom in your not-so-distant future!   

More and more brands struggle to keep one step ahead of security compliance and the ever-vigilant cyber criminals always waiting to strike during unguarded moments, leading to incredible strife and loss of profit for those companies who fall into the category of being the weakest link.  We talk a great deal in this white paper about the many different layers of security there are within a business structure, and how each facet of these layers has an internal implication and a client-facing implication.  Is it enough to address your physical security today without factoring in the ripple effect a data breach would have on your customers and your employees?  My personal opinion is that it’s essential to have a holistic, totally encompassing approach to data security.   

The recommended best practices within this latest Insights paper are based on an analysis of clients who have experienced data breaches, combined with input from our internal IT security experts. Take a look at our guidance to see what measures can be employed to keep your organization safer AND more than a few steps ahead of the bad guys.

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