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Prince George — Just Days Old and Already the Subject of a Cyber Scam!

What could be more innocent than the birth of the heir to the British throne, the Prince of Cambridge? But the ever-resourceful criminal fraternity have used this opportunity to target unsuspecting people, keen for a glimpse of the new baby. By sending out emails promising a link to “live updates” and even a “hospital cam,” criminals tricked people into clicking without thinking and unknowingly downloading the Zeus Trojan to their PCs.

I have blogged a lot about cyber security issues and customer education recently, and this latest development shows why this remains a hot topic. The problem for the innocent PC user is that many scams have become far “cleaner.” In the past, savvy customers would be alerted by poorly worded text, incongruous email addresses, apparently unrelated website links, poor logo quality and the like. Now the criminals have cleaned up their act and often a scam can look and “smell” as genuine as the real thing.

Sometimes the application of common sense is the best defense. If one thinks about it, why would anyone looking for the latest royal news and pictures click on a random email link? Surely trusted news websites would be the most appropriate source? Instilling in customers the practice of taking pause before they act might help avert the success rate of such scams. As Simon Taylor Coleridge said, “Common sense in an uncommon degree in what the world calls wisdom”!

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