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Process Management Grows Up

Doug Henschen interviewed Jim Sinur of Gartner in Intelligent Enterprise - Process Management Grows Up: Q&A With Gartner's Jim Sinur - and Jim was his usual provocative self.

I like the new maturity model at first glance as I think there is a lot of potential around bringing Enterprise Decision Management, Business Activity Monitoring, Business Intelligence, Business Process Management and Performance Management together. One could envision an environment where automated business processes leverage decision-making components that combine predictive analytics and business rules and where those same decision-making components are used to respond to events. The whole could be monitored for performance and against Key Performance Indicators and a feedback loop implemented that adapted the decision-making to, say, respond more aggressively to a particular situation to move an indicator back into its target range.

We have more to do but I think we are getting our hands around what we want.

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