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Process transformation and decision management

Roeland Loggen had a nice post over on his blog today - BPM Suite as a component in a logical architecture. I liked his architecture except that I think the Decision Platform he identifies also needs to be able to support both the CEP and BAM components. After all, determining which process to trigger, which action to take or when to inform someone may be a non-trivial business decision and so require decision management. I also think that a decision platform needs both rules and predictive analytics, as you might expect, and that it needs to be available to all the various components that might need decisions (typically implemented through decision services perhaps as a decision service hub as Neil and I discussed in Smart (Enough) Systems).

I blogged around this topic a couple of times. I liked this the IDC graphic I referenced in this one and a couple of reports I blogged about in Business Rules, Business Decisions, Intelligent Processes, Enterprise Decision Management. You also might want to check out this post on how CEP/BAM and decision management are all complementary, this one on the alphabet soup of acronyms and how they relate to decisioning

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