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Product Management, out of the box

Posted by Carole-Ann Matignon

I have met many of you over the years at industry shows or in customer meetings, probably not all of you though, so an introduction may be in order.  I am in charge of Product Management for the Decision Management tools at Fair Isaac, which means that I am responsible for elaborating the vision for our technology products, building the roadmap and making it happen with the collaboration of Product Development of course, and all other necessary functions.  As you will soon discover, I have a real passion for decision management. 

Several customers have insisted over time to have people like me reveal what we do, why we do it and how you will benefit from it.  As this blog is changing hands, we have decided to finally give you this insider story directly from the Product team.  It is an exciting opportunity to share my perspective and my excitement on our products, what new features are to be released and how we thought they would help you.  I have also convinced by dear friend and colleague Carlos, head of Product Development, to join me on this blog.

Another area I would like to explore with you is our take on the direction of the marketplace, and our vision of how new technologies or new trends are impacting our industry,

Being in product management, I can't help myself
...  and have to ask for your feedback : -) That also includes anything else you would like me to blog about!

I am not afraid of speaking my mind but that does not mean that I am not also interested in a constructive argument: I encourage you to speak up and share your views on the blog, or for a private discussion send me an email at

I look forward to our lively discussions. 


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