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Q&A with FICO CISO Vickie Miller

The Huffington Post just published this Q&A with FICO's CISO Vickie Miller, in which she discusses the challenges of being a CISO today, gives advice to women in information security, and notes FICO's work in cybersecurity. Here is an excerpt:

What have the highlights and challenges been during your tenure at FICO? "Until very recently, cyber security has been a siloed, technical/IT function that wasn't high on the agenda of the c-suite. Security is now one of the hottest topics in the boardroom, although it has been a challenge getting to this point. Today, there is a technical component that spans the entire organization, and the accountability of the CISO includes governance and reputational risk. Analytics is a new solution to this complex space and not many organizations today use analytics for security. At FICO, with our heritage of analytic science, I get to work with the best scientists and mathematicians in the trade. This has certainly been a highlight."

Read the full article on the Huffington Post.

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