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Report from RSA: Bangers, Mash, Security and OpportUNITY

The RSA Conference has descended upon San Francisco’s Moscone Center, bigger and more energizing than ever. With security an agenda-topping concern of many CIOs in 2017, the fervor to fight cybercrime is at an all-time high. While there was a wide range of top-of-mind topics being discussed, two topics in particular continued to show growing interest – artificial intelligence and cyber insurance. More on that in a minute.

The theme of this year’s RSA Conference was “The power of opportUNITY,” and we had plenty of opportunities in San Francisco to showcase FICO’s unity with security professionals and industry influencers on similar missions. Two of these events took place in informal settings designed to encourage networking and dialogue:

  • The Cyber+IoT Bangers and Mash Roundtable Breakfast, held on Tuesday morning in conjunction with the San Diego industry organization CyberTECH. This panel session focused on “Securing the Smart City” and featured guests such as Gary Haslip, CISO of the city of San Diego, and Gary Robbins, tech writer for the San Diego Union Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. While enjoying a traditional English breakfast of bangers and mash (sausage and mashed potatoes), I had a chance to interact with security practitioners, thought leaders, educators and entrepreneurs. It’s clear that smart cities, based on IoT, will transform our cities’ infrastructure and security needs to be at the center of these adoption plans.
  • The FICO customer and partner appreciation event, presented on Tuesday evening in conjunction with FICO partner iboss. At this super-fun event, we were entertained by world-class mentalist and magician Kevin Viner. If you haven’t seen Kevin perform, you should make it a priority. His up-close magic was a reminder that security is always a relevant concern. (Be sure to hold on to your watch!)

At both of these events, it was apparent that FICO’s cybersecurity analytics technology has gained strong traction in the security world, and we’re focused on addressing growing challenges. Since making our first cyber product announcement in 2014, we have unleashed a steady stream of innovative products that unify macro and micro perspectives into a cohesive enterprise security offering.

  • Our cybersecurity score technology, first offered in conjunction with iboss, uses behavioral analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect threats, in real-time, that have breached the enterprise, in order to reduce their “dwell time.”
  • The FICO® Enterprise Security Score uses FICO’s proven predictive analytics to present an empirical cyber risk score for self-assessment and monitoring of business partners.
As I mentioned earlier, machine learning and artificial intelligence were major themes at RSA this year. And as I stated at the Bangers and Mash breakfast panel discussion, security professionals can do themselves a service by understanding how financial institutions are employing these analytical techniques. After all, we’ve help banks prevent crimes with AI for 25+ years. I’m not saying the challenges are identical, but there are lessons to be learned from our peers that have already climbed the AI adoption hill.

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