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Reviews In: Decision Management Suite Earns 4.5 Stars

It is always nice to receive a pat on the back. Noted IT analyst Butler Analytics recently reviewed FICO® Decision Management Suite, which companies like Vantiv, Sprint and others are using to make smarter, faster, and more accurate customer decisions. The Butler review, which describes all the components of the Suite in detail, describes FICO as “undeniably the most experienced company in this space” and rates the offering as 4½ stars (84%).

We’ve made a substantial investment in creating a scalable, flexible platform for analytic-powered decision management applications. And this investment is paying off, as businesses across multiple industries have adopted the platform to rapidly develop and deploy solutions to drive stronger customer engagement and profits.

Some highlights of the review include:

  • “The unifying concept that defines FICO and its substantial technology and solutions stack is Decision Management. This term has not yet become mainstream - but it will.”
  • “(FICO) knows the potholes and where the greatest benefits are likely to be found in the practical application of analytics technology.”
  • “Only a handful of suppliers are equipped to offer an enterprise decision management platform, and FICO happens to be one of them.”
The complete review is available here.

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