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Risk Managers Say: Delinquencies Expected to Remain High

Wonder about the consensus opinion of your peers regarding future delinquencies on consumer credit? Well, we have some fresh data for you based on the results of our Q4 survey of U.S. bank risk officers.

When asked about expected delinquency rates for credit cards, residential mortgages and car loans, survey respondents had a slightly less pessimistic outlook this quarter than last quarter. For example, while 42% of respondents in the prior survey expected delinquencies to rise on credit cards, 38% of respondents in the current survey expected delinquencies to rise. Likewise, the percentage of respondents expecting an increase in mortgage delinquencies moved from 53% to 50%. The percentage of respondents expecting an increase in delinquencies on auto loans fell from 30% to 27%.

You can check out the detailed survey results. The survey included responses from 230 risk managers at U.S. banks.

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