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Shameless Commerce - a blog discount (especially for Europeans)

If you've been following the blog for a while you will know that I am going to be speaking at Fair Isaac's show InterACT in Lisbon in late February - you can find out more on the InterACT page. I am speaking/co-speaking on a few topics:

  • An Introductory Session on How EDM Really Works
  • Regulatory Compliance: When You Need to Defend Your Decisions
  • Putting Enterprise Decision Management to Work in Insurance

The full Agenda is here. Now InterACT is a great show if you are interested in learning about decision automation, predictive analytics, EDM and so on. For those of you based in Europe or feeling like a trip to Lisbon in February, I have a special offer. You can use the discount code CMJTB to get 5% of the price. Just go to the registration page here and enter it.

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