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Shameless Commerce: Calling the Sub-Continent

(Posted by Guest Blogger, Ian Turvill.)

We are eager to spread the message of Enterprise Decision Management across the globe, and to this end, the CEO of Fair Isaac, Dr. Mark Greene, has been traveling extensively and meeting with many members of the foreign press.

Most recently, he has been in India, and his comments have been reported in a number of English-language newspapers there.  I'm including a brief synposis of those reports below, and links to the original articles.  If we have readers in India, and elsewhere in Asia (I'm not privy to James's most recent Feedburner statistics), we encourage you to comment on the state of the market for EDM-type solutions.  We particularly ask for Indian-based bloggers to connect with us.

I encourage our other readers to review these articles, not to understand Fair Isaac's plans for corporate expansion, but more to see how technology markets such as India - such are expanding rapidly and whose role in outsourcing is critical to worldwide technology development - view the need for analytics and decision automation.

  • The Economic Times reports that Enterprise Decision Management is expanding beyond its traditional "home" of banking, financial services, insurance into new areas, such as retail, healthcare, and telecommunications.
  • The Economic also reports the EDM software market is estimated to be about $ 20 billion worldwide and growing at 10-12 percent annually.
  • The Business Standard reports that Fair Isaac's desire to tap into the pool of talented software engineering talent in India will prompt to add 50-100 professionals to existing 300 employees in Bangalore...
  • ...while explains that Fair Isaac plans to add a new sales and marketing facility in Mumbai

There are several other reports that reinforce these points, including:

While this post might seem a little self-serving, it's very interesting to note that Google Trends consistently lists Bangalore as the location of the most search engine inquiries on "Business Rules".  So, encouraging greater sub-continental participation in this blog seems overall to be a very good idea.

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