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Shameless Commerce - a European EDM conference

For those of you in Europe you might want to check out the forthcoming conference on decisioning that Fair Isaac is going to be running - InterACT Lisbon, February 27th - March 2nd. InterACT involves presentations from Fair Isaac experts (including yours truly) as well as some of our best clients from around the world and is the only conference focused on solutions for Enterprise Decision Management. It's been running since 1976 and more than 10,000 attendees have come over the years.

InterACT will cover advances in predictive analytics and decision technology as well as ways to apply Enterprise Decision Management in financial services, insurance and so on. There are case studies, product demonstrations and presentations on future directions all designed to help you apply predictive analytics and business rules for greater efficiency and profitability.

On top of that, Lisbon is supposed to be lovely in February :-)

<Shameless commerce ends>

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