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Shameless commerce: Smart (Enough) Systems


As some of you know by now I have been working, with Neil Raden, on a new book. As the files shipped to the printers yesterday, I thought I would take the opportunity to shamelessly plug the book here on the blog. The book takes the ideas we have been developing around Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) and that we talk about on the blog here and lays out both why and how you should be using EDM to built systems that are smart enough to make a real difference. The book has a companion site too - where you can subscribe to news about the book/authors and read the testimonials we got. Over time we will add more useful links to the site.

It should be ready and shipping by the end of June and you can pre-order it here from Prentice Hall (there is a great discount coupon code for readers of the blog - TAYLOR7962) or you can pre-order it from here (I don't know what the final price will be on

Short Cut

Also, although "Why you Need Smart Enough Systems"(the digital short cut) has been available on Safari since Mark Greene announced it at InterACT, you can now just buy it online from Prentice Hall for less than $5! Regular readers probably don't need to be convinced that you need to use enterprise decision management to make your systems smart enough to be useful but maybe you have colleagues or customers who don't understand why they should apply the techniques we talk about on the blog. If you do, they might well find this a good read.

Shameless commerce ends.

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