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Shared services across .NET and Java

Saw this news about more work going on to make it easy to interoperate across .NET and Java. Any progress on this front is always to be welcomed. It has to be said that we already have customers deploying shared decision services across .NET and Java using our business rules technology. They can do this becuase it can take the same set of business rules, stored in a single repository, and deploy it both as a Java service and as a .NET service. A single definition of the service is thus leveraged across both platforms. In fact you can go further and deploy the same service as COBOL code on your old mainframe! Add in our deployment manager technology and you can even ensure that your services are kept up to date as your business users change the rules in the repository (in a controlled, audited way of course).

This is just one of the reasons a business rules management system is a great fit in an SOA. For more on this, check out other entries in the blog or this white paper on TechTarget.

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