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A Short History of Bad Decisions

(Posted by the most mischievous elf of all, Ian Turvill.)

James just informed me that he had DECIDED to make me a full guest author on his blog.

Apparently he thinks that I've been well enough behaved that he doesn't have to approve every posting I make before it makes its way on the big old World Wide Web.

He may just live to regret that DECISION, because Ladies and Gentlemen, here is James Taylor's "Elfamorphosis":


Who knew that James had such great legs?

You can see a fully-animated version of James dressed, dancing, and singing like an elf by clicking here.

I'm sure there are some lessons for Enterprise Decision Management here.  (How to predict potential fraudulent "elfamorphosization" would be a start.)  But for now, I just wish you all a great 2007!

(Now I wonder if James is going to send me some coal for Christmas.)

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