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Speed (of decision-making) matters to customers

1:1 magazine had a piece about the importance of speed in winning customer loyalty. I was struck by one comment from their survey in particular:

Seventy percent of respondents want knowledgeable and personalized service, and nearly 70 percent say that first-contact resolution, whether by phone, email, or the Web is also a primary driver of customer satisfaction

I have blogged before about how improved decision-making can make your staff seem more knowledgeable and how it can personalize service. Indeed, speed is one of the dimensions of decision yield for this reason (although the emphasis in Decision Yield is on precision, consistency, agility, speed and cost as a set). First-contact resolution also requires decision automation - only decision automation gives you the control you need while still empowering front-line staff with decision-making power. You get strategic alignment along with front-line automation and speed while ensuring consistency and precision across all your touchpoints.

Good CRM and good self-service need EDM.

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