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Fraud & Security Explore the Future of Cybersecurity Analytics at FICO World


Stopping a cyber attack before it becomes a breach requires a transformation in security capabilities and tools. Current solutions use pattern matching or signature-based rules to detect malware or malicious activity. This detection is easily bypassed with only slight changes by attackers. Organizations must evolve their tactical incident response approach by using advanced analytics and intelligence sharing to defend their companies. That’s exactly what I’ll be exploring in a special session at FICO World 2014, November 11-14 in San Diego. In my session with Vickie Miller, FICO’s information security officer, I will first give a primer of this new domain by discussing the basics of connected device communications, including DHCP, DNS, FLOW, and WEBLOG events, and show how the devices that our businesses depend upon can be taken over by malware and botnets. You’ll see how FICO’s cyber analytics models leverage transaction profiling, collaborative profiling, behavior-sorted lists and self-calibrating analytic... [Read More]

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Fraud & Security Taking Cybersecurity Analytics from Finance to Defense

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Earlier this week I attended my third Computational Cybersecurity in Compromised Environments (C3E) Workshop. This invitation-only workshop draws top cybersecurity researchers to create innovative new methods for solving problems of critical importance to the US government in cybersecurity. My personal involvement in cyber analytics goes back several years – more recently you’ve seen my blogs on our new cyber analytics product. The connection between fraud and cybersecurity makes perfect sense, especially as we are bombarded with news of cyber attacks on banks and merchants. Being at C3E is a real treat, allowing a rare collaborative opportunity for top experts across government, industry, and academia to address challenging problems in cybersecurity. This year we focused on two problems: security by default and data integrity. In the area of data integrity, I gave a keynote talk on state-of-the-art analytic methods for ensuring data integrity in the financial industry. I shared FICO’s best... [Read More]

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Fraud & Security Three Opportunities Among Fraud Threats

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As my colleague Brian noted in his last post, our EMEA Fraud Forum last week generated interesting discussions among fraud leaders from several of the region’s top banks. Three things stood out for me — all of them presenting opportunities to financial institutions. First, what we think of as “fraud” is increasingly bleeding over into the area of cyber security. In light of recent data breaches, financial services providers need to step up and become the preferred guardian of consumers’ data, not just their money. Second, there is an opportunity to involve consumers in identifying and protecting against fraud. This is critical, as banks have to balance better fraud protection with an improved consumer experience. In some cases, proposed legislation might even require consumer opt-in to enable certain anti-fraud programs. Third, fraud is a moment of truth for consumers. How you handle fraud when it occurs can be a point... [Read More]

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Fraud & Security Are You Helping the Fight Against Cyber Crime?

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Many people now associate October with the color pink, thanks to the success of the community fighting to find a cure for breast cancer. That shows what awareness for a good cause can do. Picking a feather from their quiver, I am working with my colleagues here at FICO as well as at the Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE) to find ways to raise awareness for cyber security.  You see, October is also National Cyber Security Awareness month. Like breast cancer, cyber security impacts all of us. It’s not just up to the government to write and enforce cyber laws, or banks and merchants to protect our transactions. With the proliferation of connected devices, and the onslaught of all things digital, we all need to be involved in preventing the cyber crime that poses a real threat to adults and children alike.  Never has it been more relevant to have password... [Read More]

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Fraud & Security Controlling Obvious and Hidden Fraud Threats: The Cristiano Ronaldo Syndrome


On a client engagement in the US, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the press hysteria surrounding the World Cup from a different perspective. The game against Portugal dominated the news — in particular, the threat of FIFA world player of the year, Cristiano Ronaldo. The emphasis has been on how the US team can control and maintain this particular and prominent threat. That’s understandable, given that Ronaldo’s free-kick speed is around 130 kilometers an hour, which equates to 31.1 meters per second (more than four times the speed of Apollo 11’s launch). But what about the rest of the team? It appears very little thought or credit was being given to Cristiano’s team mates, who have helped him take Portugal to the fourth-highest ranked team in the world. Two crucial goals were scored during the match not by Cristiano, but by Nani and Silvestre Varela. Perhaps so much attention... [Read More]

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