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Analytics & Optimization Digital Transformation: Visualize Your Journey, Not Your Rival’s

Digital assets

This is the second post in this series – read post one here. Marcel Proust wasn’t ruminating about digital transformation when he said, “We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.” But this statement could well align with what businesses face in their DX evolution. Putting a new vision to work — and ultimately altering the fabric of your business — is a process that will be different for every organization. That means you really can’t just copy what your competitors are doing and try to do it better — because by the time you’ve emulated them, they’ve moved onto the next digital iteration of their business. Instead, you need to model your journey based on your own DNA — factoring in people (the entire ecosystem, including your people, customers, partners, etc.), your products and... [Read More]

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Analytics & Optimization BEA on Event Driven Architecture Sounds a lot like EDM


(Posted by guest Blogger, Gib Bassett) Yesterday BEA Systems released a white paper summarizing their findings of a customer study regarding Business Process Management (BPM).  The paper is titled “The State of the BPM Market – Business and IT: Solving Process Problems Together.”  BEA also culled through numerous analyst and other industry expert insights to narrow in on the key trends driving adoption of BPM related technologies.  There were two especially notable items in the report that show an Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) approach to operational decision automation, connection and improvement is becoming an increasingly mainstream concept – even if the term EDM isn’t the label. First, the report connects BPM to the growing trend toward Event Driven Architecture (EDA), a term applied by IDC in 2007 to describe an IT infrastructure blending: “Event Middleware and Complex Event Processing,” “Event-Enabled BPM Suite,” “Event-Enabled Process Modeling,” and “Business Analyst Skill Set.”  The business driver for...

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Analytics & Optimization Gartner’s 2008 Predictions Include Bright Future for Enterprise Decision Management


(Posted by guest Blogger, Gib Bassett) Gartner recently issued two “Predicts: 2008” reports highlighting their expectations for Enterprise Architecture and the Business Process Management Suites (BPMS) Market.  Both recognize noteworthy and highly complementary trends reflecting the value of Enterprise Decision Management (EDM), particularly Business Rules Management Systems (BRMSs) supporting EDM principles. In the most recent report, issued December 11, 2007, and titled “Business Process Management Alters Business and IT Collaboration,” Gartner predicts that “BPMS Subsumes the Business Rule Market,” primarily due to the fact a baseline rules engine is a required component within a BPMS:“Strategic Planning Assumption: By 2012, the BPMS technology market will subsume greater than 80% of the pure-play business rule technology sector (for example, stand-alone business rule engines).”Readers should not mistake this statement as implying the market for Business Rules Management Systems will be subsumed, which is not likely simply because a BRMS...

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Analytics & Optimization While Forrester Envisions Consolidation for the 3 “Bs”, it’s Happening for Apps and BI Vendors


(Posted by guest Blogger, Gib Bassett) Cognos and Microstrategy are the two remaining independent Business Intelligence (BI) software giants following today’s news that SAP was purchasing Business Objects.  Speculation was building online last week that a deal was in the works and in fact for much of this year since Oracle purchased Hyperion, such rumors have been the case.  As I mention in my prior blog about Forrester's prediction of convergence among BI, Business Process Management and Business Rules vendors, firms like Business Objects and SAP used to market against one another, the former espousing the benefits of an enterprise view of data, reporting and analysis, and the other the same, but with deeper functionality and built for the applications producing the data.  A few years and many joint customers later, it’s easy to see why this consolidation is taking place, and it should only become more common as the remaining vendors continue to evolve their product sets around Services Oriented Architectures (SOA) and web services. It...

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Analytics & Optimization Decision Management at the Heart of Future Enterprise Applications, so Says Forrester Research


(Posted by guest Blogger, Gib Bassett) Respected technology prognosticators John Rymer and Connie Moore of Forrester Research just published a new paper titled, “The Dynamic Business Applications Imperative” (September 24, 2007, For CIOs).  Rymer and Moore envision a new generation of enterprise application that some IT organizations today are cobbling together in order to meet ever changing business, technical and marketplace requirements.  The paper is peppered with examples of what they term “Dynamic Business Applications” in use at many household name companies.  At the heart of their idea is integration of the “B3 categories” of software – Business Intelligence (BI), Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rules – that together with Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) will lead to a more agile platform for the mass market composite applications of the future. There are far too many interesting points to write about here, but some of those I found particularly applicable to Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) were: ...

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Analytics & Optimization Using decision management to complement ERP


Aberdeen just published this nice little report - Aligning IT to Business Processes: How BPM is Complementing ERP and Custom Applications (sponsored so free in return for your email address) - which makes for interesting reading in terms of how much agility is possible for those companies who rely on ERP applications. The report's focus is on using BPM software in conjunction with ERP software to better deliver agility. However, one comment struck me particularly: "Key application parameters and rules are locked inside program source code;" True and a great reason to externalize business rules in decision services. Not only are these decision services very agile (much more than just BPM software alone could deliver as I discussed here). Indeed the report goes on to emphasize that: "Best in Class organizations havesoftware applications that can allow them to adapt quickly to mostcustomer requirements" Not only are business rules-based decision services the kind of "application" that can be quickly adapted, they also allow companies to resist commoditized...

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Analytics & Optimization What you need to know about Decision Services


A key tenet of Enterprise Decision Management is the automation of the operational decisions that drive your business. You need to identify operational decisions and automate them; you also need to separate them out from the rest of your applications so that they can be managed and reused. The best way to do this is to design what I call Decision Services - services in your Service Oriented Architecture that automate and manage highly targeted decisions that are part of your organization’s day-to-day operations. The first thing a Decision Service does is isolate the logic behind these business decisions, separating it from business processes and the mechanical operations of procedural application code. Treating decision logic as a manageable enterprise resource in this way means you can reuse it across multiple applications in many different operational environments. A centralized approach to decision automation can also eliminate the time, cost and technical risk of trying to reprogram multiple individual systems simultaneously to keep up with changing...

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