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Three Steps to Make Your Data Lake Pay Off

“33% of enterprises will take their data lakes off life support (in 2018). Without a clear connection to change-the-business outcomes, many early adopters will pull the funding plug on their data lakes to see if they pay for themselves or die.”  -

There's untapped potential in your data lake — if you can tap into it, it doesn’t need to die! FICO has the experience and the AI tools to wade through your unstructured and structured data, emerge with actionable insights, and then implement them to improve your business.

How exactly do we do that?  We’ve created a universal how-to guide on this topic, which will be presented at FICO World 2018, April 16-19 in Miami Beach.

Beyond Big Data to Big Insights and Big Business Value

On Tuesday, April 17, my colleague Peter Ould and I will divulge the details of FICO’s three-step process for getting business value from big data quickly. In short, the steps are:
  1. Exploit the Data (Hint: This step is critical in guiding the subsequent steps and maximizing value)
  2. Listen to the Data to Find the Complex Patterns (Hint: Most people skip this step but they shouldn’t)
  3. Execute Learnings Effectively and Efficiently (Hint: Machine Learning really helps here)
Our presentation highlights each of the three steps, discussing the key techniques and methodologies involved as well as the resulting business value achieved by some of FICO’s most innovative clients.

As the pace of data generation and data diversity continue to increase, making better, faster data driven decisions will differentiate you from your competitors. Join us in Miami Beach to learn about FICO’s proven process for tapping into the potential of your Big Data.

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