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Top 10 of 2016: Our Blog Posts You Liked Best

With 2016 recently coming to a close, we took a look back to uncover which topics you – our blog readers – gravitated toward last year. Chief among your interests were analytic innovation, credit risk, regulatory compliance, customer experience and mobile payments.

Here’s a recap of our top 10 most popular posts published in 2016:

  1. US Credit Quality Rising … The Beat Goes OnEthan Dornhelm shares FICO research showing how US consumer credit quality continues to climb.
  2. Why Is Customer Experience So Hard to Explain? – For an organization to improve customer experience, here’s why everyone needs to start on the same page.
  3. 4 Analytic Predictions for 2017 – From Killer Devices to AI Hype – FICO Chief Analytics Officer Scott Zoldi shares his predictions for analytics trends and burning issues in 2017.
  4. Your Customer Experience Management Is SO Immature! – Roughly 80% of companies are customer experience immature. Where do you fall on the spectrum, and what can you do to improve?
  5. Why “Alternative Data” Isn’t an Alternative – On the question of data, Andrew Jennings reinforces a scoring fundamental: what counts is its value, not whether it's labeled "alternative."
  6. We’re Going to Science the $#!& out of AML – Machine learning and other analytic innovations can boost protection in anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing efforts.
  7. Will Fintech Risk Models Have “Unintended Consequences”? – Can we embrace innovations that spur a healthy credit marketplace, while avoiding the unintended consequences of poorly designed risk models?
  8. Four Analytic Breakthroughs That Are Driving Smarter Decisions – Discover four FICO analytic patents that can be applied to many problems our clients face.
  9. Mobile Payments: CakePay Is Eating the WorldTJ Horan explores new mobile payment options from several retailers to see if they are as sweet as they sound.
  10. Panic at the Checkout: Will EMV Friction Boost Mobile Payments? – What are the likely drivers of mobile payments adoption in the US?

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