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Top 13 of 2013: Our Blog Posts You Liked Best

With 2013 coming to a close, let’s take a look back at our top 13 most popular posts published this year:

  1. FICO® Score Distribution Remains Mixed – Looking at the national distribution of FICO® Scores, Frederic Huynh noted that the profile of credit risk for US consumers, while still mixed, may be slowly returning to a prerecession pattern.
  2. New Map Identifies US Card Fraud Hotspots – John Buzzard examined FICO’s new interactive map showing debit and credit card fraud trends and hotspots in the US.
  3. The Young and the Cardless – Analyzing credit behavior across different age groups, Frederic Huynh exposed a new trend: more young consumers forgoing the use of credit cards.
  4. Infographic: Who’s Leading the Mobile Banking  Revolution?  – Daniel Melo argued that the answer is consumers, who are pushing for banks to do more with the mobile channel and rewarding banks that answer the call.
  5. Card Fraud Trends and Predictions  – Digging into recent card compromise data, John Buzzard analyzed the latest fraud trends and made predictions for what threats to expect in the coming year.
  6. Dark Clouds Looming Over Student Loan Industry – As part of ongoing analysis on student loan data, Frederic Huynh revealed that recent vintages of student loans have noticeably lower FICO® Scores than earlier vintages.
  7. Analyzing Credit Trends by Age – Frederic Huynh explored how consumers of different ages changed their credit behavior before, during and after the recession.
  8. New Fraud Analytics Learn from Global Behavior– Scott Zoldi described exciting new analytics that improve fraud detection while reducing declines of legitimate transactions.
  9. Card-Not-Present Tops Concerns in US Fraud Trends Research – Based on new data from FICO’s fraud consortium, Scott Zoldi explored fraud trends for US credit and debit cards.
  10. US Bank Priorities for 2013: Big Data, Customer Experience – Andrew Jennings examined top banking areas of focus, looking at mid-year results from FICO’s quarterly US risk survey.
  11. Infographic: Anatomy of a Data Scientist – Check out the characteristics of a good data scientist, what a Harvard Business Review article called the "sexiest job of the 21st century."
  12. How to Hire a Data Scientist – Andrew Jennings shared tips to help banks build out their analytics teams.
  13. 2013 Bank Priorities Are Remarkably Similar Worldwide – Last January, Andrew Jennings discussed priorities of banking institutions for the year ahead.
Be sure to also check out the top 13 of 2013 from the FICO Labs Blog. Happy New Year!

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