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Turning Insights into Actions

As an analytic scientist, I know how exciting it can be to unearth a novel, actionable insight with the potential to improve the business. And I also know how challenging it can be to persuade business leaders to recognize the value, to the point where they are comfortable adopting such changes in their decision strategies.

Naturally, any line of business owner is concerned not only that the numbers are right, and that the insights are real, but also that any change to the existing decision strategy remains in compliance, and is palatable to the business.  The business owner thinks beyond the simple performance metrics, and brings valuable, subjective criteria that reflect their experience and business judgment. Is the proposed decision strategy intuitive? Are the treatments fair, easy to understand and sensible? Managing the balance between analytic insight and business acumen isn’t always easy.

But we're making it easier. The latest release of FICO Decision Optimizer reflects our experience with these important challenges. Analysts can now directly articulate key palatability criteria within the optimization problem, to achieve optimized action assignments across customer segments that still make great business sense. They can also compare new customer strategies against existing strategies to show the contrasting impact on business metrics, such as profitability and risk. Together, these new capabilities can help create a more immediate agreement that the revised strategies achieve better business benefits on multiple fronts.

To learn more about how Decision Optimizer 6.3 can help you improve your customer strategies, check out our website for more information.

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