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Understanding and Implementing Real-Time Analytics

Michael Gonzalez and I recently gave a presentation on Understanding and Implementing Real-Time Analytics. Michael started off by discussing some trends he sees that lead to a need for real-time analytics:

  • Drive to operational transformation using insight gained from operations
  • A focus on business performance management "BI with a purpose"
  • The move to a real-time enterprise

He then went on to describe some of the issues in a typical BI stack of moving to real-time and how business rules management systems can help in this.

Operational_transformationHe had a great graphic that showed how there is a loop from descriptive analysis to predictive to prescriptive that enables operational transformation (shown here).

EDM is designed to be a way to deliver this kind of operational transformation by focusing on the business decisions taken by enterprises and on using business rules and analytics to improve them.

Enjoy the webinar.

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