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Using EDM in the loyalty economy

John Gaffney over on 1:1 wrote this nice piece on CPG Loyalty rules a little while ago and it reminded me of previous posts on using EDM to create the corner store feel of days gone by. I also think that it is important you don't underestimate the places you could use loyalty information (such as to improve a refund process) or the extent to which mature industries focusing on growth decisions should be focused on loyalty information as critical to improving these. As John notes, this is particularly important for those organizations, such as CBG companies, who don't have much chance to interact directly with their buyers because there is a distribution/sales network in the way.

Ian posted yesterday about a use of EDM in loyalty (Congratulations to EDM-Driven MyCokeRewards) and linked to this information about it - Coke's new marketing platforms bubbles to the surface.

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