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Video: How We Built the FICO Analytic Cloud

Last month, at the Red Hat Summit, our Cloud engineering team gave a presentation walking through the technology we used to build the FICO® Analytic Cloud. Below is the video from the talk.

We developed the FICO Analytic Cloud using Red Hat’s portfolio of products, such as OpenShift by Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat JBoss Middleware, and Red Hat Ceph Storage. Thus, why we were invited to the Red Hat Summit.

In the video, the team describes how this technology has helped drive more than US$10 million in sales in a short timeframe, winning business from companies that otherwise couldn’t have afforded the time or cost of implementing our sophisticated analytics solutions. Using the Red Hat technology, we reduced infrastructure operations staffing by 20 percent, saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in hardware costs, and improved time to market by 70 percent.

The video can also be accessed at

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