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Video: Trustmark Collection Agents Gain a 360º View of Customer

Having a single view of your customers across both collections and recovery is somewhat of an operational nirvana. It improves the experience immeasurably for customers and ensures that front line staff spend their time on the right tasks. This was one of the key considerations for management at Trustmark (a regional financial services institution with locations across five states in southern USA) as they looked to replace their 20-year-old system.

Even though their existing recovery platform was performing well, the technology had dated and no product enhancements were planned. While on the collections side, the platform they were using was no longer supported.

One of the concerns management heard from agents before transitioning to FICO Debt Manager was that the system they were using wasn’t always able to post payments same-day, leading to duplicate outreach and frustrated customers. Not seeing the complete customer view meant agents made multiple efforts to collect many debts connected to one consumer, instead of one call to collect all debt.

"One of the things that we knew we would see is the collectors having a complete view of the consumers relationship with out company," said Terry Collins, VP Collections and Recovery at Trustmark National Bank. "We see the continuity from one group of collectors to the others as a debt or account moves through the collection process. Everything housed in the one system makes it uniform across the platform. So we have the ability to extract data and analyse that data based on similar points in the system."

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