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Video: Why Your Current Cyber Defense Isn’t Enough

Cyber criminals are consistently foiling defenses at top companies and public organizations, as well as smaller firms. Your own company has likely been breached.

It’s clear that today’s cyber security solutions are no longer enough - but why?

In this short video produced for the UK’s daily paper The Telegraph, I discuss a new approach to cybersecurity, and why we need it. This new approach is based on behavioral analytics that can provide you with real-time identification of existing and new, unknown anomalies. Furthermore, it prioritizes alerts with a threat score so you know which threats to go after first and better manage the false positives of today’s defenses.

Today, your credit card is better protected than your organization. While credit card fraud is detected as it happens, a recent report by Verizon shows that 54 percent of data breaches are not discovered for months — although data is stolen within hours.

That’s just not acceptable. If you would like more information, see our website or contact us.


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