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WEBCAST: Centralized Decisioning Solves Digital Disruption

Everyone in the banking and financial services industry is talking about digital disruption. FICO, Amazon Web Services, and Worldpay are working together and doing something about it.

In the heart of Wall Street’s financial district, hundreds of VIP banking executives met recently at the Amazon Web Services Financial Services Cloud Symposium to learn more about digital disruption, digital transformation, centralized decisioning, and the cloud.

Bill Doyle, Vice President, Decision Management Solutions for FICO, and Senthil Erulappan, Senior Manager, Product Engineering at Worldpay, led a very well-attended and well-received session at the by-invitation-only Symposium, entitled, “The Cure for Digital Disruption: Breaking Silos Through Centralized Decisioning.”

Their 30-minute talk focused on the two competing camps in financial services today: old-line firms protecting strongholds they’ve held for decades, and digital disruptors trying to storm traditional firms’ gates. The winners, they concluded, will be those firms who fend off digital disruption by self-disrupting… using digital decisioning to weaponize their data and outsmart the competition at every turn.

Senthil and Bill described how their solutions, running on AWS, are helping customers to rapidly transform themselves to win in today’s cyber competition in financial services. By helping customers implement centralized decisioning systems – and manage payments that can make the interactions between consumers, merchants and financial institutions appear effortless – Worldpay, FICO, and AWS are building decisioning and payment solutions that make financial services smarter, safer, and more ubiquitous than ever before.

After the conference, Senthil said that he gleaned “great insights from financial services companies on their cloud migration journey,” and concluded, “moving to the cloud is not a question of why anymore for companies but when?”

The 30-minute session was recorded and can be viewed on the AWS YouTube channel.

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