Webinar: Improving Decisions Across the Telco Lifecycle

Optimization is an analytic approach to evaluate and discover successful decision strategies that meet one or more sometimes conflicting business objectives.

Telecommunications companies are complex businesses operating in some of the most competitive and highly regulated markets in the world.

When you look at the challenges they face, they are numerous. They need to drive sustainable profit in a saturated field, they have to expand customer relationships across a wide number of offerings and they need to retain valuable customers while reducing churn. Throw in some of the business decisions around governance, networks and the adoption of new technologies and its not hard to understand why good decision making is so important.

Decisions across the telco lifecycle should improve outcomes and KPIs, but also create:

  • Greater certainty in forecasts of future outcomes.
  • More precise control that can adapt over time.
  • Greater agility in quickly changing and deploying strategies.
  • More tailored decisions that reflect individual customer preferences.
  • Increased transparency into decision-making process for governance purposes.
The use of prescriptive analytics and in particular the practice of optimization is one way that telcos can take back control of their business decisions.

Optimization is an organized, prescriptive analytic approach to evaluate and discover successful decision strategies that meet one or more sometimes conflicting business objectives.

Every credit decision that telecommunications and media companies make is more complicated than ever before. To find out more how optimization can help your telco business across marketing, account origination, account management, customer retention and collections, join us for our free webinar. You will learn what prescriptive analytics is, and how it compares to other types of common analytics.

Some of the world's biggest telcos in the US, Europe and Asia rely on FICO's technologies and consulting services to optimize their businesses across the telco lifecycle.

Beyond Better: The Power of Prescriptive Analytics - (Click to register)

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 11:00 am PST/1:00 pm CST/2:00 pm EST 60 minutes Complimentary Webinar

FICO Presenters: Shawna Morgan, Sr. Dir., Telecommunications Practice Leader Matt Stanley, Sr. Dir., Applications Line of Business

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