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What do the analyst firms say about business rules?

There have been some posts around asking what coverage the leading analyst firms have of business rules. This has been picking up of late with Gartner, IDC and Forrester all doing some coverage. Here are some searches to help you find it:

Gartner - tend to call business rules solutions BREs, work by various analysts but mostly by Jim Sinur (now joined by Dave McCoy) including a Magic Quadrant and market sizing
IDC -  mostly work by Steve Hendrick including some market sizing
Forrester - mostly by John Rymer.

None of the open source products, such as Drools, are getting coverage here presumably because the analysts don't get asked questions about them (not sure if this is cause or effect).

In answer to the comment posted:

  • I think the analyst firms should, and likely will, comment on the value of open source products in the context of the products in which they are embedded. I doubt they will comment on them as rules engines per se unless they get asked by their corporate clients to so do. Nothing stops reviewers sending in articles to magazines or websites though...

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