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What Does James Have in Common with the Catholic Church

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and General Sycophant, Ian Turvill. This post has really very little to do with EDM.)

It's not every day that James is mentioned in the same blog post as the Catholic Church, but today he achieved it.   In an example of authors that are using blogs to good ends, James, the Catholic Church, and several others, including Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun and an "In The News" blog from Netezza.

I bring this to your attention not (only) because of my usual fawning towards James, but (also) because it does highlight several interesting tips about blog authoring, particularly how different blogs from the same company can serve different purposes.  For example, the post contrasts the official Google blog, which provides "product and technology news and [Google's] culture", and which today introduces the World Cricket Cup, with the blog published by Matt Cutts, who heads Google's Webspam team, which focuses on some of Google's technical arcana.

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