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What is Rete III?


Rete III is the most advanced commercially-available inference engine, benchmarking more than 300% faster than its competitors, making it the ideal solution for organizations managing large, complex business rule sets, where high performance is critical.

Benchmark programs test the ability of rule execution systems to deal with large working memories and large numbers of full and partial matches for the rules. Benchmarks of this nature are interesting because they are the best predictors of how well a rule interpreter can handle complex rule bases. When a rule-based system has performance problems, it is almost always the result of the rules having to deal with more data than the match algorithm can handle efficiently.

Rete III was developed specifically to make it possible for rule systems to deal efficiently with large amounts of data as well as large numbers of rules. While other rule engines bog down as rule complexity or transaction volume increases, Rete III scales effectively to provide an enterprise solution.

The Rete III engine was developed by Charles Forgy Ph.D., a co-founder of RulesPower and inventor of the original Rete rules engine, which is used in almost all production rules-based systems in the industry today.

The Rete III algorithm is now implemented as part of the Blaze Advisor Rule Server.

Generally Rete III simply incorporates more optimizations. Applications that do not use all the optimizations will see less of a performance boost than those that do.

Rete III, unlike Rete I, is not "open source" and is only available as part of Fair Isaac's products.

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