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What’s Your Organization’s Cyber Score?

What if there were clear measure that told you how protected your organization is from cyber threats?

The potential benefits of such a score are clear. It could help security professionals address gaps, and help the boards of public companies prioritize security investments. It could also enable third parties, from partners and potential customers to insurers, understand a firm’s security risk.

This is precisely what FICO is developing: a FICO® Enterprise Security Score to rank an organization’s level of cybersecurity risk. Today we announced that we have acquired QuadMetrics, an innovative cyber risk security scoring company, to further this effort.

We see the FICO Enterprise Security Score as an essential complement to FICO® Falcon® Cybersecurity Analytics for threat detection. With the acquisition of QuadMetrics and the infusion of FICO’s analytic scoring methods, FICO will provide both cybersecurity defences and an enterprise-level “cyber score” that gives an empirical, impartial measure of a company’s security.

QuadMetrics leverages technology developed at the University of Michigan via funding from the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate and the National Science Foundation. In April of this year, Gartner designated QuadMetrics a Cool Vendor in Risk Management for 2016.1 FICO will enhance the QuadMetrics solution with our deep catalog of proprietary analytics methods and our experience in developing, marketing and distributing broad-based scores for managing different classes of risks across industries.

We believe cybersecurity can only be substantially and sustainably improved through creating a strong ecosystem, and a vital part of that ecosystem is a common rating that all parties can use to evaluate cyber risk. We’re excited to have the QuadMetrics team – and their deep expertise – joining us in our efforts to fight cybercrime and help all organizations improve their visibility and insights into cyber risk.

Just as the FICO Score gave credit markets a single metric for understanding credit risk, this product will give the industry a common view of enterprise cybersecurity risk. It’s a big idea whose time has come.

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