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Who benefits from EDM?

Companies that have large numbers of dynamic, high-impact operational decisions can increase their success through EDM. Within those companies, key stakeholders are:

  • Business owners who want to improve the quality and consistency of customer decisions, and take more control of the decisions that drive their business.
  • CIO/IT Directors who want to reduce their backlog, create more agile systems and deliver consistency across multiple existing systems.
  • Analytics Directors who want to make a bigger impact on decisions through 1) more quickly deploying improved models and 2) learning at a faster pace through continual feedback loops / more iterations in learning

And what about the folks who run the Business Intelligence Competency Center who might finally have a way to operationalize BI? Or the programmers fed up with doing maintenance work or the data miners frustrated that the results of their work are not used? Well, they can benefit too.

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