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21 de julho de 2020

How Personalization Drives Profitability via Customer Retention

Scalable, Customized, Omnichannel Interactions Are Achievable...And Necessary


Data: 21 de julho de 2020

Horário: 10 a.m. PST/12 p.m. CST/1 p.m. EST

Customer satisfaction and retention are keys to long-term profitability in almost every industry. However, inconsistent and impersonal customer interactions are among the most-cited reasons people decide to shop elsewhere. In financial services, for example, over five million customers switched banks last year, and six million more plan to do so in 2020. Ironically, many firms possess the information necessary to delight customers and keep them from defecting, but they are falling short in implementing what industry experts call "customer centricity." Join our webinar to see how your organization can close that information gap and keep your customers for the long haul.

In this valuable educational webinar, we will discuss how a customer-centric strategy, coupled with real-time data-driven decisioning, will enable smarter, faster, and more individualized interactions across all channels. With a full, 360-degree view of your consumers and a more flexible decision system, your business can anticipate customer needs with personalized offers and rapid responsiveness, resulting in higher satisfaction and long-term retention. Regardless of your organization's current decision infrastructure, there's an achievable roadmap to higher customer-centricity, and we'll show you examples of firms who have already made it happen. We hope you'll register for this webinar to learn more!


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