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Is Your Firm’s Supply Chain Technology Falling Behind or Staying Ahead of the Curve?

23 de junho de 2020

Is Your Firm’s Supply Chain Technology Falling Behind or Staying Ahead of the Curve?

Why Do You Choose Your Logistics Solutions - And Do They Stack Up?


Time: 11am PST / 1pm CST / 2pm

With so many supply chain technology solutions available on the market, and with new ones being released seemingly every day, it's natural for enterprise customers to wonder if they're getting the most out of what they have-especially compared to the competition. Besides speculating on how well your firm's using its supply chain decision software, you've probably also questioned whether your purchasing and implementation choices are driven by the right factors. Additionally, have you been concerned that you're still experiencing too many challenges and setbacks, despite substantial AI and ML investments-or perhaps that's "normal"? To help answer these and many other questions, FICO recently partnered with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) on a comprehensive survey of their members, and their answers may surprise you.

Please register for this joint-FICO/CSCMP webinar, in which we'll unveil our survey findings, discuss the ramifications, and make recommendations on how your organization can get the most out of its software solutions. Some of the results we'll unpack include:

  • How many supply chain leaders report feeling “Highly Confident” when it comes to their decision management technology?
  • What’s the top technology pain-point, according to your peers?
  • When it comes to learning more about technology, which source of information has the most influence?

This webinar will be a great opportunity to determine where you need to focus your attention, especially during these times of uncertainty.

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