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Is Supply Chain Optimization Delivering On Its Promise?

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As empresas de manufatura usam há muitos anos soluções de otimização da cadeia de fornecimento (SCO) para resolver desafios operacionais complexos e aprimorar as respectivas cadeias de fornecimento. Enquanto um grupo seleto tem aproveitado com sucesso os possíveis benefícios dessas ferramentas de analíticos cada vez mais sofisticadas, muitas empresas estão ainda engatinhando.

This joint research project by IndustryWeek Custom Research and FICO — in which we delve into the perspectives of over 400 senior executives and managers — explores the success factors and pitfalls of manufacturers’ SCO initiatives.

For this study we defined supply chain optimization as "the deliberate application of advanced analytical processes and solutions to optimize supply chain performance and manage costs," not as a general concept or management goal. Roughly three out of four manufacturing companies have been using or plan to use supply chain optimization solutions within the next 12 months. Among these solutions users, however, only a third believe their efforts are more advanced than their competitors. Well over half report that they are either trailing or only keeping pace with their rivals.