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Here’s an important question for every FICO salesperson: What’s the real reason prospects and clients turn to FICO for a solution?

What is it that differentiates FICO from competitors whose products have similar features? Even when a particular FICO software offering has an edge over competitive options, even when buyers are impressed by the ubiquity of our scores, what is actually sealing the deal?

The answer is, essentially, FICO brain power. Regardless of whatever tangible FICO assets are part of the purchase, what organizations are really buying - what they're placing their faith in - is our domain expertise, broad analytic know-how and legacy of innovation.

When they choose FICO, three intangible but highly valuable assets come along with the products they purchase:

  • Deeper insight into their decision making
  • Increased business and analytic knowledge
  • Greater vision into a longer-term direction
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