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Case Study IntesaSanpaoloCard

Intesa Sanpaolo Card reduces fraud for 11 banking networks with FICO Falcon® Fraud Manager

Estudo de caso

When Intesa Sanpaolo Card decided to consolidate operations for its 6,3 million debit and credit cards, the company saw an opportunity for major improvement. The Turin, Italy-based, banking group, with US$ 636 billion in assets, had recently completed a major merger, leaving bank holdings across Eastern Europe without any process uniformity. In particular, fraud detection efforts varied widely from bank to bank, and in many cases from card to card. Some banks outsourced the fraud effort entirely, while others managed with a rudimentary system devised of homegrown SQL queries that could detect fraud only after it had occurred. At some banks, fraud investigation teams for American Express and Visa/MasterCard operated in isolation from each other

"As we phased in a processor in Germany, we identified cards skimmed and used on POS devices in Canada and saw fraud losses per case reduced by 85% in this region. It really has made an impact and we continue seeing successes like these going forward." - Dean Gračak, head of fraud management, Intesa Sanpaolo Card